5/26/22 The Glasgow Lab is HERE 😎

It’s been a great first semester!


Some updates:

  • our lab is a member of the Rosetta Commons

  • we had some lab renovations and got equipment

  • our first two rotation students, Kyle Helms and Julia Urban, joined us in January and left us in April. We miss them and their fantastic science

  • our next batch of rotation students, Andrew Reckers and Belen Sundberg, joined us in April. They are really awesome

  • after optimizing and troubleshooting for a couple months, Malcolm collected our first large HDX/MS datasets (shoutout to the world-class ASRC MS facility!)

  • Daniel got an Amgen scholarship for summer research!

  • Daniel, Kyle W. and Anum completed Columbia’s Lab-to-Market bootcamp - here’s a 1-min video about our project

  • Kyle W. designed and tested his first set of artificial transcription factors (and was admitted to Columbia for grad school!)

  • we applied for grants

  • we all gave our first group meetings

  • Daniel and Kyle W. learned a lot at pyrosetta bootcamp

  • we triumphed/survived some plasmid contamination issues and rampant COVID

We’re excited to go hard this summer to advance our ongoing basic science, applied, and methods development research projects!