Join the lab. We are actively recruiting passionate, curious and kind scientists at all levels to our very young lab. Are you interested in protein design and biophysics? We’re building something exciting, and we care a lot about cultivating a culture of collaboration, good mentorship, and having fun doing science. Come work with us!

We’re hiring in the broad project areas of:

  1. Designing new protein sensors

  2. Studying the evolution of natural protein sensors

  3. Engineering antiviral therapeutics

  4. Probing the biophysical basis for intercellular protein transport

And we are always interested in brainstorming new projects, too.

Postdoctoral candidates should send Anum a note explaining their research interests and a CV.

Graduate students at Columbia should send Anum an email to discuss potential projects and rotations. If you’re a prospective graduate student, apply to a graduate program at CUMC.

If you are interested in a research technician position and have a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, biology, computer science, engineering, physics, or a related field, send us an email, too.

We also welcome local undergraduates who are interested in working on computational or experimental projects. Get in touch!

Undergraduate Students